Tackle White Collar Crime

& Public Corruption

As a former team member of District Attorney Robert Morgenthau’s Investigation Division, I worked for two years on complex white-collar cases locally, nationally, and internationally. New Yorkers are often dismayed by the recurring sensationalization of street crimes through outrageous headlines and fear-mongering in newspapers and on television. While these crimes are unquestionably serious, the inordinate amount of attention we pay them works to downplay in our collective consciousness the often far-reaching and detrimental effects of white-collar crime.
Prioritize and strengthen the investigatory capacity and powers of the office to uncover economic injustice against hardworking New Yorkers.


  • Ensure investigators utilize the full range of resources and tools provided to them and prosecutors are able to compile the necessary evidence required for the convictions they seek.

  • Mobilize the office’s existing powers to pursue with teeth white-collar crimes that impact our economy and directly impact the city and its residents.

  • Strictly prosecute perpetrators of everything from fraud, embezzlement, and bribery to illegal third party transfers and deed theft.

  • Establishing in the office a culture of fairness that begins with re-instituting its intake bureau, which once allowed everyday Manhattanites to bring their complaints directly to investigators.

  • Re-form the Public Corruption Bureau and re-establish the office’s ability to take on public and political corruption. This unit should never have been disbanded.