Establish a Sex Crimes &

Domestic Violence Bureau

For too long, sex crime and domestic violence victims have suffered at the hands of their assailants in ways that persist psychologically well beyond the instances of the crimes committed against them. This is a result of the district attorney office neglecting to offer the full support and resources victims need and deserve. As District Attorney, I will establish a Sex Crimes and Domestic Violence Bureau that will be  staffed with assistant district attorneys and social workers who work exclusively on sex crimes and domestic violence cases.


  • Provide victims additional resources because these crimes are often especially complicated and cannot be treated like normal street crimes.

  • Educate victims on their rights, how the legal system works, and the ins and outs of what occurs during the pendency of a criminal case.

  • Engage head-on the overwhelming consequences that can haunt victims of these crimes, which can often spur emotional, psychological, and physical ramifications. With a centralized bureau, we will better handle the criminal matter, while at the same time helping the victim begin to regain a sense of normalcy.

  • Address the special needs of sex crime and domestic abuse victims and provide support, which includes counseling, support groups, physical protection, and more.

  • Provide social workers to work with victims who feel intimidated or traumatized as potential witnesses or providers of essential evidence in a criminal trial.

  • Look at mediation and restorative justice to help assist victims in obtaining closure on their road to recovery. This goes beyond just educating victims on how the system works. It also includes listening to their feelings on what justice means to them in each case.