Halt Hate Crimes

New York City is the most diverse City in the world, with hundreds of languages spoken in this City. We welcome people from all over the world and invite them in to be our neighbors and make this City their home. Under this mosaic, hate can not be tolerated. Defendants who commit designated offenses based on a victim’s race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation will be prosecuted. But that does not mean that jail is the one and only answer.


As District Attorney, I will expand restorative justice programs and encourage hate crime offenders to face their biases head-on with hand-picked expert facilitators and, in some instances, with their very own victims. It is my fundamental belief that it is never too late to change. In addition, prevention of hate crimes will be another priority. I will encourage community outreach in schools, places of worship, and other venues. I will also partner with community leaders, especially in immigrant communities, to encourage their residents to report hate crimes to law enforcement.