Protecting the Rights

of Animals

While the Manhattan DA's job is limited to prosecuting crimes and not legislating, I believe all elected officials should promote the humane treatment of animals. Like all other offenders in our City, those who mistreat animals and commit crimes against animals must be held accountable.

To do so, we need to invest resources into expanding the investigatory power of the DA office to ensure that whether the offender is an individual suffering from mental illness and needs help, a corporate entity engaging in animal cruelty, or just a cruel individual, we can ensure justice for all animals.

As Manhattan District Attorney, I pledge to protect the rights of animals by:

  • Prosecuting offenders who engage in cruelty to companion animals such as domestic torture or violence, dog fighting, tethering, abandonment of dogs in hot cars and cold weather, and other forms of neglect

  • Utilizing false advertising or securities fraud laws to address animal cruelty

  • Creating an Animal Cruelty Prosecutions Unit and appoint animal rights advocates as ADAs to carry out justice

  • Hold white collar and corporate entities responsible for engaging in animal cruelty and exploitation